Andry Rakotomalala
DJ, Instructor, Organizer, Dancer

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Dance History: Andry has never been able to sit still ever since he was a child so its no surprise that he ended up neck deep in the dance world. His start happened after watching Swing Kids in History class in high school and that sparked the birth of a dancing monster! He went on to do ballroom, hip hop, break dancing, jazz, and happened to stumble upon lindy & blues in college. Since then, Andry has traveled to major events such as Lindy Focus, bluesSHOUT, Hawkeye Swing Festival, Nevermore Jazz Ball, and many many more. He has won or placed in several competitions around the midwest and the east coast. At all these events, he's taken lessons from the majority of the greats in our time from Thomas and Alice to Tim O'neil and Julie Brown! Dancing is his creative outlet, and you can see it on his face when he's swinging out on the dance floor! 

"I like to describe myself as a lindy hopper with a heavy affair with blues but who's also WCS curious."- Andry R  

Teaching Experience
Workshop- Shamrock Swing, Notre Dame 
Workshop- Sweetheart Swing, Bowling Green University 
Workshop- MUDEswings, Miami University 

Instructor at Fountain Square 
Regular Weekly teacher at Anderson University
Occasional instructor at Ball State University  

Competition Credentials:
1st Place with Sarah Lokay Jack n Jill Winter Blues Intensive 2013 (Chicago, IL)
1st Place with Celia Mooridian Jack n Jill Whistle Stop 2013 (West Lafayette, IN)
1st Place with Heather Lemire Jack n' Jill Rocktober 2012 (Columbus, OH)
1st Place with Shannon Lee Watkins Jill n' Jack Lindypalooza 2013 (Champaign-Urbana, IL): as a follow
1st Place with Kali Henson Jack n Jill Blues in the Night 2015 (West Lafayette, IN)  
2nd Place Crossover Jack n Jill Winner with Keira Hansen SwingIN 2013 (Indianapolis, IN)-
3rd Place Novice J&J with Karin Wiles at Steel City Blues (Pittsburgh, PA) 
3rd Place Solo Jazz, Dayton Swing Smackdown 2015 (Dayton, OH)
Finalist Jack n' Jill Chicago NYED 2011
Solo Jazz Finalist at Sparx, 2013
Solo Jazz Finalist at Dayton Swing Smackdown, 2013
Finalist Novice Jack n Jill Michigan Classic 2014- WCS (Detroit, MI)
Finalist Crossover J&J at Swing IN 2014
Featured dancer in the movie CTRL+ALT+DANCE by Audition
Demonstrated for/Spotlighted by Dexter Santos & Michelle Richter, Evita Arce and Michael Jagger

Workshops/Exchanges/Events Attended: Lindy Focus 2015, bluesSHOUT 2012, Hawkeye Swing Festival 2012, Nevermore Jazz Ball (2013, 2014), ALHC 2012, SwingIN (2011, 2013, 2014), CUBE (2011,2012), ORBX, Dayton Swing Smackdown 2012 & 2013, Pirate Swing 2012/13, Blues in the Night 2012/2013, LAFLX (2012), Scramble Light Blues 2012, CBUS 2012, Sparx 2013, Rocktober 2012, Lindypalooz 2013, Winter Blues Intensive 2013, Whistlestop (2012,2013), CincyLX 4, SLX (Swing X Movie), Fest of the Midwest 2012, PB&J I and III, ISLX (2011,2012, 2014), MUDEswing 2012, BULX 2012, Time Warp Swing 2012, Lindy Hop Drop Out 2012, January CodeBlue (2013), Dancing at the Fizz (2013), A Mid-Winter Night Dance (2014), Blues Brews and BBQ 2012, Rose-Hulman Winter Gala (2009, 2011), IUPUI WCS Cats (2), Chicago NYE Dance, Bluetopia (3), Ball State and AU Dances, Dancing like the Stars (Paramount Theater, Anderson IN),  Illinois State University Valentines Dance, Columbus Monthly Dance, Fountain Square/Third Friday Naptown (2009- present)

Favorite Songs 
Blues: Mo' Better Blues by Gordon Webster 
Lindy: Minor Swing by Boilermaker Jazz Band  
Balboa: Count Basie by Count Basie 
Charleston/Solo Jazz: Avalon by Jimmie Lunceford 
West Coast: Post to be by Omarion ft Chris Brown 
Fusion: Climax by Daley (Live London Version)