Andry Rakotomalala
DJ, Instructor, Organizer, Dancer

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Andry (pronounced like laundry) did his first swing out and blues step in '09 and has since pursued swing dancing with a fierce passion! He DJs and teaches regularly for the Anderson University Swing Dance Club in Anderson, IN where he helps spread the wonderful joy of swing and blues with his students. Andry has been seen spinning tunes, competing or just enjoying the dance floor all over IN, IL, OH and MI! Dayton Swing Smackdown, CincyLX, ISLX, and Whistle Stop just to name a few, are some events where he as been featured among many others! In his sets, Andry always makes sure he is catering to you, the dance floor. The goal in his DJing is to bring out that inner magic in every dancer, whether it be swung Jazz or late night Blues, he's got you covered. In his dancing, you will always see him with a big smile on his face hitting breaks and playing with musicality throughout the song, a joyful sensation he hopes to share with other dancers through his DJing. Not only will he keep you grooving, but with every song he aims to help dancers reach that dancing high we all love so much; all the while having one heck of a good time! 

DJ Philosophy 

As a vintage dancer, I am a huge advocate of of dancing to the music of the era. Dance is a 3 way connection between your partner, the music, and yourself. I believe to be an interpretation of music and just as every music has a genre, I believe every dance has an aesthetic best fitting to a particular genre. Sure you could swing out to Chris Brown tunes at times or you could sort of blues dance to a Micheal Buble song, but I believe there is a needed movement for each song. Because of the crisp solid bass and continuous repetitive beat emphasizes specific sections of the song, I believe WCS would fit Chris Brown tunes better. Because Michael Buble usually has a big band, smooth, but not swung beat, I would consider doing more Ballroom to that. Fair enough to say that Ballroomin blues could also be done but the point is that every song calls for a movement and I believe the most authentic movement is requested by the song. This is why I try to DJ music that is a mirror of the original dance, both in Lindy and Blues. This is probably why you won't hear any pop songs in my Lindy sets or any top 40 in my blues sets. Those you could possibly hear in my fusion sets, but for the most part, I stay traditional in my DJing. 

That being said however, I am a huge advocate for fun over technique. Dancing was meant to be a time of happiness, being carefree, and overall fun. If you get joy from DJing pop for lindy or top 40 for blues, that is quite fine. It isn't necessarily wrong, just different. That is my personal opinion though. 

Samples of Andry's Taste 

Big John's Special
Fletcher Henderson (IU Swing Dance Club Spring 2001)

DJing Experience
- CBUS (Columbus OH)
- Lindypalooza (Champain IL)
Dayton Swing Smackdown (Dayton OH)
- CincyLX 4 (Cincy, OH)
- SLX (The SwingX Lindy Exchange in Cinccinati OH) 
- Cleveland Lindy Exchange (Cleveland OH)
- Midwest Fusion Affair (Indianapolis IN)
 - Big Red Swing Weekend + Break Away Best of Midwest (Bloomington, IN)
- Whitlestop (Purdue University, DJ battle Semi finals)
- ISLX (Normal IL)
- A MidWinter Night's Dance (Lansing, MI)
- BULX (Peoria IL)
- MUDEswings (Oxford OH)
- PB&J (Peoria, IL)
-  Smorgasbord of Swing (Cincinnati OH), - Time Warp Swing (Columbus OH)
- Lindy Hop Drop Out (Athens OH)
- Naptown Stomp Third Friday and First Fridays (Indianapolis, IN)
Fountain Square Theater (Indianapolis, IN)
- DePaul University Weekly (Chicago, IL)
- Indiana University Swing Society Summer Lessons (Bloomington IN)
- Ball State weekly lessons (Muncie IN)
- Spring Stomp (DJ battle winner/ Anderson, IN)
- Regular DJ at AU Swing Dance Club meetings,